Sftp File Synchronization Plugin

Support for Eclipse 3.0

march, 2004

I just released a new version, 2.0.0, of the plugin. It requires Eclipse 3.0M7 to run. It is available from the update manager site at http://klomp.org/eclipse/updates/
I'll put up a ZIP file and the sources soon, but you can already download it using the update manager. The main improvement is being able to run on Eclipse 3.0. It has some small improvements, notably the fact that the ignored-files list from the Team preferences is now honoured by the SFTP plugin.

februari, 2004

Good news: I've finally got the plugin working with a 3.0 release, 3.0M7. I've had some problems with the URL handlers for my sftp: protocol URL's, due to the OSGI changes in Eclipse, and it took me quite a while to figure out how to do it in the new version of Eclipse. Basically, backwards compatibility for URL handlers is broken, and you can't use plugin.xml anymore to declare URL handlers: you now have to register them with the OSGI URL handler service when your plugin is started. Lots of techy details, what does this mean for the plugin? It'll be out in a week or two. Next weekend I'm at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels, so I probably don't have time to finish it until the weekend after that. But I thought an open-source conference is a good excuse for a delay :)

december, 2003

The SFTP plugin (version 1.2.1) doesn't work well with Eclipse 3. Some people have reported to have it working, but I haven't been able to reproduce it. I have been working on a new version of the plugin that is compatible with eclipse 3. The problem here is that there is no official 3.0 release yet, we're still at the milestone-5 release at the time of writing. And the part of the eclipse API that the SFTP plugin hooks into is a very mobile moving target. The plugin depends on some 'internal' API's, which can change without notice, but the public API's (such as the TeamImages class that people have reported problems with) are also changing without notice.

I had the SFTP plugin working in 3.0M4. In M5, some extension points got renamed, which breaks the plugin. Support for other target providers such as FTP and webdav seem broken too in M5; it isn't possible to synchronize a project with an FTP server anymore.

Because of these problems, I have decided to postpone the next release of the SFTP plugin until there is an officially released version of eclipse 3, or until the API's stabilize enough for the SFTP plugin, whichever comes first. The eclipse 3 project plan states that M6 (to be released december 19th) will freeze the API. If target support works again in M6, this may be a good version for which to release the SFTP plugin again.

Current version: 1.2.1

april, 2003

This newest release includes support for version 2 of the SSH protocol. The 1.2.1 point release fixes a small bug related to uploading deep directory structures.


This software is distributed under the terms of the Common Public License Version 1.0 ("CPL"). Versions 1.2.0 and higher of the plugin contains libraries that use other licenses:
Library License
Jakarta Log4J The Apache Software License

The J2SSH library has been slightly modified to allow it to be configured properly when running as part of an Eclipse plugin. For more information, mail the author of the SFTP plugin: erwin@klomp.org


Please mail all bug reports and other feedback to me at erwin@klomp.org.

Copyright (C) 2003,2004 Erwin Bolwidt <erwin@klomp.org>, Last Updated: 7 March 2004.