Download and installation


To use the newest versions of the plugin (1.2.0 and higher), you need:

To use version 1.1.3 of the plugin, you need:

Update Manager

Installation with the built-in Eclipse update manager is preferred. The update manager url is The installed plugins also contain source code.

These steps configure the Update Manager and download the plugin:

  1. Select Window menu -> Open Perspective -> Other
  2. Select Install/Update from the dialog.
  3. Go to the bottom-left view labeled Feature Updates and right-click, then select New -> Site Bookmark
  4. Complete the dialog with the title New Site Bookmark.
    Name:Klomp Features
    Then press Finish.
  5. Expand the new item labeled Klomp Features in the Feature Updates view. This may take a while depending on the speed of your connection.
  6. Expand Target Providers section for your version of Eclipse and click on Klomp Sftp Synchronization Support.
  7. In the view on the top-right, labelled Preview, click the Install Now button. If that button is absent, you probably already have it installed. Check the rest of the Preview page to find out.
  8. Go through the steps of the Install Wizard dialog by pressing the Next buttons and the Finish. You should of course always read the license (in the second wizard page), or at the very least never hold me responsible for anything related to it.
  9. You have finished the installation.

Eclipse Help contains much more information about the Update Manager in the Workbench User Guide.

Manual download

If you can't or don't want to use the Update Manager, you can download zip files containing the plugins. Unzip these in the plugins subdirectory of your eclipse installation. The second team.ui zipfile contains a plugin with one action, "Force disconnect target". See the manual for more information on it.

Plugins from that are required to run the SFTP plugin: (the Update Manager automatically installs these)

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