Klomp Eclipse Plugins

Name formatjava
ID org.klomp.eclipse.formatjava Version 1.0.0
Description This plugin allows you to select one or more packages in the Java Package Explorer and format all .java files in those packages. You can also choose to select just the specific Java source files you wich to format or even the whole source directory. Date 27 Dec 2002
Author Vincent Partington

Name File Size Decorator
ID org.klomp.eclipse.fsize Version 1.0.2
Description Implements a new label decorator that shows the size of each file in the Navigator and Package views. The decorator can be configured in various ways using the preferences menu. Date 12 Jan 2003
Author Erwin Bolwidt

Name Sftp File Synchronization
ID org.klomp.eclipse.team.sftp Version 1.2.1
Description Provides file and directory synchronization between the workspace and a remote location using the SSH Sftp protocol. Now supports both version 1 & 2 of the underlying SSH protocol. Date 7 March 2004
Author Erwin Bolwidt

Last Updated: 7 March 2004.