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8 Feb 2006
Kenneth Porter has sent me an RPM spec file for mod_roaming. I do not run a Linux distribution that uses RPM, but anybody that wishes you use this spec file to make an RPM for mod_roaming can pick up the spec file.
19 Jan 2006
Ken Coar has taken over development of mod_hosts_access and integrated it into the httpd Garage suite of Apache plugins. Have a look at that site for new version, including an Apache 2.0 compatible version soon.
16 Apr 2005
Mozilla 1.8 will support roaming access once again! Have a look at Mozilla 1.8 beta to try it out. Hopefully Firfox will quickly folllow suit.
17 Jan 2003
Mark Wielaard gave me some useful comments about my Java Package Formatter, so I released version 1.0.1.
27 Dec 2002
After using Eclipse (and IBM's derived product IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer) with much joy for a year, I now found a missing feature. You can't format a whole bunch of Java source files in one go. To fix that little problem, and learn how to write an Eclipse plugin, I wrote a plugin to format multiple Java source files in one go. I wrote the original version and Erwin Bolwidt made it work properly with open editor windows (which is not as trivial as you would expect it to be).
5 May 2002
The tests for mod_roaming 2.0b1 went OK and binaries for Win32, Netware and OS/2 have been provided, so mod_roaming 2.0.0 has now been released.
30 Apr 2002
I have ported mod_roaming to Apache 2.0. Have a look at version 2.0b1.
22 Jul 2000
That near future is today, because I just released version 1.0.2 of mod_roaming. I also took the opportunity to add some links to some publications of mine.
21 Jul 2000
Hey, I got a reward for my mod_roaming page <grin>. I though this might be a nice occasion to finally update the description at the top of this page and do a new release of mod_roaming soon. See it on this page in the near future.
19 Jun 1999
I have decided to not continue development of GNUJSP. More details on the GNUJSP page
5 Jun 1999
Released GNUJSP 0.9.10.
21 Apr 1999
Added Peter Roßbach and Hendrik Schreiber's JSPExecutor to the contributions section of the GNUJSP page.
4 Apr 1999
GNUJSP 0.9.9 has been released. Couple of little fixes and a contributions sections have been added.
31 Mar 1999
Yet another URL change! Mark Wielaard, Erwin Bolwidt and I have registered the klomp.org domain for our nefarious purposes. The new email-address is vinny@klomp.org, but the old ones will keep working for a while still.
I've also taken this opportunity to make some maintenance releases: mod_roaming 1.0.1 and mod_hosts_access 1.0.0 (it is stable now, but actually it already was :-))
15 Feb 1999
I wrote a little module that goes well with mod_roaming: mod_hosts_access allows you to configure access to Apache through your hosts.allow and hosts.deny files. (Hmmm, should write something big soon, otherwise I'll have to call my next bit of software mod_hello_world)
13 Feb 1999
GNUJSP 0.9.8 has been released. Lots of new stuff this time!
Meanwhile, Raymond Ko has set up a mirror of the GNUJSP page in Hong Kong. GNUJSP worldwide!
27 Jan 1999
Jim Carroll and Tom Hume have kindly set up mirrors of the GNUJSP page in the United States and the United Kingdom respectively. Check the GNUJSP page for the links!
25 Jan 1999
mod_roaming has gone stable; download mod_roaming 1.0.0 now!
A maintenance release of GNUJSP, 0.9.7, has also been released.
The consolidated download has been removed; each product has its own download section.
8 Jan 1999
mod_roaming 0.9.1 released.
4 Jan 1999
When I released GNUJSP 0.9.6, I got a lot of messages saying the server was slow. I soon found out my ISP, xs4all was having server problems at just that time, but some people are still having trouble. I can't find any particular reason for this, I suppose it's just the Internet in general. Most people seem to get through now, so I'm no longer persuing this issue. I'd like to thank everybody that sent me email about this for their time and troubles, and hope that this problem will not come back or get worse.
1 Jan 1999
mod_roaming 0.9.0 released.
17 Dec 1998
GNUJSP 0.9.6 released! Read all about it on the GNUJSP page.
17 Dec 1998
This new homepage has been put online.

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