Package javax.servlet

Interface Summary
RequestDispatcher This interface implements methods to forward a request or include output from another (active) source such as another servlet.
Servlet This is the interface for all servlets.
ServletConfig Whenever a server wants to pass initialization data to a servlet, it creates a class which implements this interface.
The server then adds {String,String} pairs to the class, and the servlet can read these using this interface.
ServletContext A class created by the server to give servlets access to certain environment related objects and methods.
It contains standard information like the names of all the servlets, two kinds of log methods, the server name, etc.
The server can also store extra information here in the form of {String, Object} pairs.
ServletRequest Whenever the server receives a request it creates a ServletRequest object, puts all the request information in it and passes this along with a ServletResponse object to the approriate servlet.
ServletResponse A servlet can use this class to pass information to the client.
SingleThreadModel -- Interface indicating a "single" thread model

Class Summary
GenericServlet Abstract base class for all servlets.
ServletInputStream This class serves as a stream where servlets can read data supplied by the client from.
ServletOutputStream Used to write output from a Servlet to the client.

Exception Summary
ServletException This exception is thrown by a servlet when a servlet related problem occurs.
UnavailableException This is a special kind of exception telling the server that this particular servlet is currently not available.