Package javax.servlet.http

Interface Summary
HttpServletRequest Contains all the client's request information.
HttpServletResponse Object for HttpServlets to return information to the client.
HttpSession A HttpSession holds session-dependant data on the server side.
HttpSessionBindingListener Objects that implement this interface will be called when they are bound or unbound into a HttpSession with a HttpSessionBindingEvent.
HttpSessionContext Deprecated. This class has been deprecated for security reasons.
We don't want serlvets messing around in other sessions.
However convenient that might be.

Class Summary
Cookie A cookie is basically a {String,String} name/value pair that the server tells the client to remember and to send back to him attached to every future request.
Using cookies a server can maintain a state in between client requests.
HttpServlet The mother-of-all-HttpServlets.
HttpSessionBindingEvent Send to an Object that implements HttpSessionBindingListener when bound into a session or unbound from a session.
HttpUtils A set of utility methods for http server writers.