KopiSusu Java Compiler

Current version

The current version of KopiSusu is 1.9 beta 5, and was released on april 21, 2001.


  1. What is KopiSusu?
  2. License
  3. Tests and compliance
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What is KopiSusu?

KopiSusu is a Java compiler based on the KOPI suite. KopiSusu improves on the 1.4F version of KOPI by following The Java Language Specification, Second Edition more closely. It also generates classfiles that are more compatible with the classfiles generated by Javac and Jikes in the area of inner classes.

The classfile format is described in Java Virtual Machine Specification, Second Edition.


Like the original KOPI, KopiSusu is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Tests and compliance

KopiSusu has been tested with Jacks ("Jacks is an Automated Compiler Killing Suite") and does really nicely on it. Jacks contains more than 1600 tests, most of them for specific parts of the Java Language Specification. At the moment, KopiSusu has the least number of failures on the jacks test, compared with any Java compiler that I know of.

Check out the result of running jacks with Sun JDK1.3 and the lastest KopiSusu.

Other tests passed:


Please send bug reports and other comments to ksusu-feedback@klomp.org.

Mailing lists


To subscribe to the release announcement list, send an e-mail to ksusu-announce-admin@klomp.org. This is a very low traffic list that is only used to mail release announcements.


Author: Erwin Bolwidt, ejb@klomp.org