KopiSusu Beta Pages


Changes in 1.9b4a

Released april 11, 2001

Changes in 1.9b4

(versus 1.9b3)

Released april 10, 2001

Changes in 1.9b3

(versus 1.9b3-pre1)

Released march 31, 2001

Changes in patch 1.9b3-pre1

Released march 17, 2001

Changes in 1.9b2

(versus 1.4F)

Released march 16, 2001

Source code layout

That's my favorite style. You may have yours. This style is heavily influenced by the features and limitations of the JDE environment and Java mode for Emacs. I'd have been more conservative in the changes if I knew that KOPI wasn't dead. Someone offered to convert to the GNU style. If that makes people happy, I'm for it, as long as its a consistent and reasonably readable style.

Fixed javadoc comments

Compilation features

Author: Erwin Bolwidt, ejb@klomp.org