KopiSusu Beta Pages


Apply patches by running "patch -p0 <patchfile".

Semantic bug-fix patch to kaffe-1.0.6 patch-kaffe-1.0.6-awt.txt

All fixes are of the type:

        switch ( cc.fill ) {  
-       case cc.BOTH:
+       case GridBagConstraints.BOTH:
            cx += in.left + cc.ipadx;

Case labels must have constant expressions. According to the Java Language Specification, cc.BOTH (cc being a local variable of type java.awt.GridBagConstraints) is not a constant expression.

From KopiSusu 1.9b3 to 1.9b4 patch-KopiSusu-1.9b3-to-b4.txt.gz

The diff between 1.9b3 and 1.9b4, which is still quite large, but smaller than the b2-to-b3 diff.

From KopiSusu 1.9b2 to 1.9b3 patch-KopiSusu-1.9b2-to-b3.txt.gz

The diff between 1.9b2 and 1.9b3, which is quite large. Don't forget to upgrade libs/antlr.jar to the one found in ANTLR 2.7.1.

From KopiSusu 1.9b2 to 1.9b3-pre1 patch-KopiSusu-1.9b3-pre1.txt

This fixes two bugs that prevented Kaffe to compile, and jacks-inspired fix. Apply the patch to the KopiSusu 1.9b2 source release while being in the KopiSusu/ directory.

Author: Erwin Bolwidt, ejb@klomp.org