Mark Wielaard
Golstraat 16
7411 BP Deventer
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-6-15037856
PGP Key ID: 57816A6A
Fingerprint: 47CC 0331 081B 8BC6 D0FD 4DA0 8370 665B 5781 6A6A


Name: Mark J. Wielaard
Date of Birth: 20 May 1973
Nationality: Dutch
Married and living in Deventer, The Netherlands


Computer Science, University of Amsterdam, 1992-1998
Theoretical Computer Science
Masters thesis: Relating Logic Programming to Functional Programming

Melbourne University, Australia, 1997
Honours program, Exchange Student

VWO (high school), Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, 1988-1992


Java Programmer, Sun Certification, 2002

Basistraining OR, Vorming - Training Advies VHS Bergen, 2001
[Communication, presentation, group dynamics and employer representation]


Good reading and writing skills in Dutch and English. Can read German. Given various presentations in both Dutch and English for large groups.
Actively programmed in c, java, mercury, haskell, prolog, sql, perl, sh
Development environments:
Standard GNU/Unix tools, gcc, make, emacs, ant, eclipse, cvs, bugzilla
Operating systems:
GNU/Linux and other Unix variants, passive knowledge of MS Windows and MacOS
Team roles:
Programmer, Functional Designer, Team Leader, Senior Software Engineer


Worked for various different companies and organisations in small and large project teams. I like to move between projects or switch roles on the same project. This gives me a good overview of the organisation I am working for and the product that has to be delivered.

Red Hat
Role: Senior Software Engineer, since June 2006
Work on development of the state machine, low-level breakpointing, instruction stepping and unwind backtrace support for a tracing, monitoring and debugging application.

GNU Classpath Maintainer
Role: Maintainer, since June 2003
Coordinating and facilitating work done by around 30 active developers (mostly volunteers). Leading informal discussions and meetings about goals, priorities and schedules. Coordinating who works on what. Formally my role is keeping the package maintainable in the long run, making sure it is a consistent part of the GNU system and coordinating legal and distribution issues with the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Coordination is mostly done through mailinglists and irc. Responsible for releases since 0.06 (22 August 2003).

Mobile agent communication protocol (using JXTA)
Tryllian Solutions
Role: Programmer, May 2003 - February 2005
Implementation of a transport and messaging protocol for mobile agents on top of the JXTA peer-to-peer virtual network layer. Job included facilitating other programmers and system integrators when coupling legacy systems for clients using these protocols.

The Hunting of the Snark Project - BitTorrent Application Suite
Role: Main developer, since April 2003
Snark is a client for downloading and sharing files distributed with the BitTorrent protocol. It is mainly used for exploring the BitTorrent protocol and experimenting with the GNU Compiler for the Java programming language (GCJ) and the java-gnome bindings. It is possible to use it as a regular BitTorrent Client. Snark can also act as a torrent creator, micro http server for delivering metainfo.torrent files and has an integrated Tracker for making sharing of files as easy as possible. Still actively used (several hundreds of downloads a month), but no active development at this time.

Release Coordinator, Quality assurance and product release (ADK)
Tryllian B.V.
Role: Release Manager, 2003
Identifying project risks, bug management, setting up test environment, creating test procedures and product release scripts. Both technical and procedural coordination with 3 groups of around 5 people each.

Security Certificate Tools and Server management (ADK Lite Habitat)
Tryllian B.V.
Role: Team Leader (4 people) and Architect, 2002
Functional design and implementation of X509 certificates and security policy tools for external developers. Including monitoring and administrative tools. The project included coaching and training new programmers.

ARE (Agent Runtime Environment)
Tryllian B.V.
Role: Senior software engineer, 2001
Implementation, design and architecture for a multi agent platform build around the java architecture.

GNU Classpath Developer
Role: Developer, since 2000 (since 2003 also as maintainer, see above)
Implemented parts of the free core class libraries for use with virtual machines and compilers for the java programming language. Worked on jar file support, updating class loading to the 1.2 model, URLClassLoader, ThreadLocal, Timer, merging large parts of the library with libgcj, java.util.prefs package implementation, integration with various runtimes (including GCJ and Kaffe), general bug fixes and improvement in almost all parts of the library, both in java and JNI/C native sources.

Free javax.servlet implementation
Role: Programmer, 1999/2000
Library created together with Paul Siegmann to provide a completely free environment for Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP) in combination with Apache JServ and GNUJSP. No active development has been done since late 2000, but the code is still used in GPL-compatible applications and is now part of the GNU ClasspathX extension libraries.

Gossip internet community project
Tryllian B.V.
Role: Programmer, 1999/2000
Implementation of network communication, messaging, encryption and authentication in the java programming language. Website back end and Java Applet front end.

Website front and backend design
NMG (Nieuwe Media Groep)
Role: Programmer/Designer, 1998
Administrative back end for websites of KPN, Millennium Platform and other customers. Mostly based on custom website template system in perl, but including java applet front end support when requested. Database setup and interface design.

Database design
ILLC (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation)
Role: Programmer, 1997
Creating a custom database design and user front end (GUI) for managing personal records and creating reports, mailings, and other overviews by non-technical people.


Wrote large parts of the GNU Classpath Hacker guide. In particular the sections "Working on the code and Working with others" describing the development, coding and documentation process.

Recent publications:

GCJ - past, present, and future
Organised meetings, gave presentations and participated in panel discussions about GNU Classpath at 6th International Free Software Forum Brazil, Red Hat Alternative Runtime Summit Boston, FOSDEM 2004 and 2005 Brussels, LinuxTag 2003 and LinuxKongress 2003 Germany.

Recent presentations:

GNU Classpath & Kaffe VM - Fisl 6.0, June 2005
The GPL, Compromising, Trust and Control - Red Hat Alternative Runtime Summit, November 2004
Hacking on the VM Interface, GNU Classpath Workshop, October 2003