GNUJSP version 1.0

GNUJSP is a free implementation of Sun's Java Server Pages. Once the GNUJSP servlet is correctly installed, files with the extension .jsp are translated into java source files, compiled, and run.


See the GNUJSP News page for up to date development news. Read the file CHANGES if you want to know what has changed in the current release.

Latest News

JServ/GNUJSP remote unauthorized file access - 21 Feb 2002
A Remote unauthorized file access was found when GNUJSP is used with JServ. More information (and a patch for GNUJSP 1.0.0) can be found on the BugTraq mailinglist archive. A security fix for the Debian package has been announced. We will provide a security release of GNUJSP 1.0.2 soon.

GNUJSP 1.0.1 released - 8 Oct 2000 GNUJSP 1.0.1 as been released. Special thanks go to Carsten Heyl who did a lot of work on it and pushed to get this release out. (Read more...)

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This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Please see the file COPYING for details.



GNUJSP should work with any JSDK 2.0 or JSDK 2.1 servlet engine. The previous version (0.9.x) was deployed successfully with a long list of web servers and servlet engines. However, we are currently actively testing the following:

See install.html for general installation and configuration notes. If you have success with other servers and engines, we'd like to hear about it at so we can add it to the list.

Bundled Servlet Classes

The bundled servlet classes in the lib directory of the distribution are based on the classpathx-servlet distribution and are copyright the Free Software Foundation. Further information, source code and updates are available from These libraries are licensed under the GNU LGPL, included herein as COPYING.LIB.

More Information

If you want to know more about JSP and GNUJSP, one of the following options may help you:


Please select the version you wish to download:

Version Release date GZIPped TAR file ZIP file
1.0.1 5 Oct 2000 gnujsp-1.0.1.tar.gz
1.0.0 18 Oct 1999 gnujsp-1.0.0.tar.gz

See the GNUJSP 0.9.x page for historic versions which are no longer supported.

See the GNUJSP CVS snapshot page for experimental versions.


Vincent Partington <> originally created GNUJSP and worked extensively on the 0.9.x versions.

The 1.0 compiler was originally written by Yaroslav Faybishenko <>

Currently a number of developers are assisting in fixing bugs and maintaining the source code. If you'd like to help, send a message to the list. See AUTHORS for more details.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 1999.