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A Java XML Update engine

Jaxup defines an interface to update XML documents, through which clients can work without knowledge of the exact object model that the document uses. The interface is called Updater, and the idea behind it is the same as with Jaxen's Navigator interface. In addition, an implementation of xmldb.org's proposed XUpdate specification is provided. The implementation is in the XUpdate class.

To get an idea how to use XUpdate, look at the samples provided for the 4 object models, or look at the source of the XUpdate class, which uses the Updater interface extensively.

Implementations of the Updater interface are provided for the following object models:

The source zip file (see top of page) is actually an Eclipse project; unzip it in your workspace or somewhere else, and then imported using "Import from file system". Eclipse can be downloaded from http://www.eclipse.org/. I've used version 3.0 (build M2) to make this release of jaxup.

Last updated: August 6, 2003
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