From: Carsten Heyl 
Subject: Testing help needed!
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 08:29:08 +0200

Hi friends of GNUJSP!

I just put some more tests into the CVS tree on
gjt. I'm asking everyone having access to another
runtime environment than gnujsp (or even that on 
other web servers environments than mine
(SuSE GNU Linux 6.2, JDK 1.1.7, Apache 1.3.6, JServ 1.0 + servlet.jar from
JSWDK 1.0) to execute a jsp-page for me and send me the output!

E.g. on 
	- the reference implementation (unix/NT)
	- jrun jsp
	- (add your jsp here)

This way 
	- some tests can be adjusted to run on other jsps
	- we may compare jsp runtimes
	- get some clarifcations on "how to do" some things

It's really easy to do:

	1. Go to the gjt tree via cvs via Web	
	2. enter the testsuite directory
	3. Download the testsuite dir as archive
	4. Unpack the zip with jar in a directory "testsuite" on
	   your jsp enabled server
	5. Execute "/testsuite/main.jsp"
	6. This may take some time ...
	7. Send the output to me ( and the summary
	   to the list (if you like)

Thanks in advance and ciao,