Hi all,

I just took the latest snapshot and made tar.gz and zip files. They can be found on:

This is the first pre-release of GNUJSP 1.0.1.
The most notable changes compared to GNUJSP 1.0.0 are:

And a lot of bugs have been solved.
(See for more details the included CHANGES file)

It would be really appreciated if people could download and install them and run the testsuite/main.jsp. Please mail the results (summary please), Servlet Engine, JVM, compiler and initArgs you used to the list. (Note to run the testsuite you have to include the gnujsp10test.jar in your zone repository classpath and not the normal gnujsp10.jar file.)

I think the following has to be done before the real GNUJSP 1.0.1 release:

If everything works OK in the next few days I will update the web pages and make the real GNUJSP 1.0.1 release (or another pre-release if something nasty shows up).

Have fun testing,