Subject: Re: Done getting development environment started. 
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 09:53:22 +0200
From: Carsten Heyl 
X-Mailing-List: <> archive/latest/788

Hi Dan,

>Carsten, Noel, Bart, et al -

>	I'm not sure what the near future will bring in my availability, but I
>may be able to help with the test-suite, Carsten.  I will let you know.

I hope to complete the testsuite (JSP 1.0 SPEC) on next 2 weeks.

Call to you and other listeners:
	We need YOU for 
	- some examples for beginners and maybe advanced users!
	- run GNUJSP 1.0 on other web servers

I think a lot of people are just starting using (GNU)JSP.
Most do their first steps by looking at examples or writing
simple examples they don't find.
Contribute them for inclusion in GNUJSP!

Note for beginners:
	The testsuite should contain (raw) examples what can be done
	and how but they don't explain things.

Write a small example: myusebean.jsp, put a GNU std disclaimer at
the top and send it to us.
Make a small example of using application scope for
storing beans or request scope for sharing information with
other jsp pages.
Very similar examples may have to be rejected but that's life!
If you submit beans put them into package


so we can include them in the tree.
Follow the KISS principle! ("Keep it simple stupid" or
"Keep it simple, stupid!" as you like :-)

The application of GNUJSP 0.9 is great, do you use it
on an exotic web server? Then try using GNUJSP 1.0-cvs
so that we know what to fix for you!
Just install gnujsp 1.0-cvs, note the steps you did,
run the testsuite (main.jsp) and tell us your
results and evtl. submit a small INSTALL.yourwebserver !

Come on folks, enter your name in the GNUJSP hall of fame!

>	 Thank you all again,
>		- Dan