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This is a collection of patches that have not yet been incorporated into GNUJSP. Please use them with caution since we did not test them very well.

If you want to contribute a patch please send it to the GNUJSP mailinglist or to me (Mark Wielaard).

Please note that these patches apply to GNUJSP 0.9.x. All development on GNUJSP 1.0 is done in CVS. You can get an hourly update from the current CVS tree from the GNUJSP CVS Snapshot Package page of Carsten Heyl.

Author Purpose Patch Complete archive
Rob Chou <> JSP Caching (samples) -
Rob Chou <> JSP Caching -
Rob Chou <> JSP Caching -
Bill Lipa <> High load synchronisation patch-wlipa-1 gnujsp-0.9.10-wlipa-1.tar.gz
Paul Siegmann <> Parsing of <jsp:> tags patch-pauls-1 gnujsp-0.9.10-pauls-1.tar.gz

Copyright (C) 1999, Mark Wielaard <>, Last Updated: 18 Sep 1999.