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GNUJSP: Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will you make GNUJSP conform to JSP specification 0.92?
I will not implement version 0.92 of the JSP specification. Instead I will wait for version 1.0. It seems a lot of the new features proposed in 0.92 will come out differently in 1.0. Therefore I will not try and implement a specification that may change radically.

2. Have you got a copy of JSP specification 0.91?
Yes, Paul Siegmann has provided me with a copy of the specification, and Satish Dharmaraj of Sun has given me permission to distribute it until the 1.0 specification comes out. You can download the file jspspec091.tar.gz here.

3. Why is the file so huge?
One of my plans is to reimplement this whole class and abstract it so that compilers for different languages (Java, Python, Tcl, JavaScript) can be plugged in. I'm waiting for version 1.0 of the JSP specification before I want to start with this.

4. What do the messages saying "[warn] handler "jsp-handler" not found for: test.jsp" in Apache's error.log mean?
It may be that for you these messages are caused by actual configuration errors, but I've heard from numerous people that everything works despite these warning messages.

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