BPML Java binding

This project contains a simple Java binding for the BPML 1.0 (Working Draft 24 June 2002) XML schema. Currently, this project only contains bindings for BPML, not for WSCI or WDSL. It also contains a simple test class that creates Java objects from the BPML file, and writes the Java objects out again as a BPML file. The rest of the code doesn't do anything by itself, but can be used for many purposes. For example:

All bugs in this code can be reported to my e-mail address: erwin@klomp.org.


Install / Use

The above zipfile is in Eclipse project format. Within the Eclipse IDE, you can select File->Import, "Zip file" to import the zipfile as an Eclipse project. The classpath will set automatically. To use the zipfile without Eclipse, put the build directory and the .jar files in the lib directory in your classpath.

Terms and references

Business Process Modeling Language http://www.bpml.org/
Web Services Choreography Interface http://www.intalio.com/wsci/
Web Services Description Language http://www.w3.org/TR/wsdl.html
Nice extensible Java IDE for Windows, Linux, Solaris 8, QNX, AIX and HP-UX http://www.eclipse.org/

Erwin Bolwidt, 14 Juli 2002